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 [Cleric] Bonaduce

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PostSubject: [Cleric] Bonaduce   Thu Oct 15, 2009 4:08 pm

Name: André
Age: 27
Origin: Lisboa, Portugal

Main: Bonaduce, Cleric
Level: 29 (1 bar to 30 atm)

Why are you interested for joining Unity?
I kept myself out of legions until I could find out more about Legions on the server in order to avoid getting into a legion that wouldn’t be driven to the goals I was looking for myself and ofc to the group I would eventually be integrated. I have a somewhat sense of loyalty and it would pain me to make the hard decision to leave fellow players just because I got into something that wasn’t what I was looking for in the first place. On the last couple of days, was obvious that Unity is pretty active on abyss fortress sieges, and probably in pvp in general, and that is what I’m actually looking for. Smile

What do you expect from us?
A group where I can participate on the effort to achieve the goals that are set (PvP or PvE ), and that can provide group PvP that isn’t the all so usual mindless zerg/gank that I’ve been into. Basically a group that plays as a team, more focused on the “us” than the “I”.

Raid and pvp experience?
On this game, it’s quite low, have done some runs on Training Grounds, and grouped for quest groups and PvE wise, it pretty much sums it up until now.
Regarding PvP, the random encounters while in the abyss with Asmo gank squads, and have made into some groups to go kill asmos around, but until now I can say that only once or twice it made any sense, because most of the time people were not coordinated at all.
In relation to other games, I’ve played WoW for several years (my most proficient role was has a Resto Shaman) and have gone through most of the PvE content (pre-wotlk, because after wotlk the game lost a bit of its appealing to me) and PvP alike.

Previous guild?
First Legion apply on Aion. Played all my WoW period on a Portuguese only guild (wich I helped to raise from scratch with alot of effort with some in-game friends) Templarii Lvsitanae (www.templarii.org)

Why did you leave your previous guilds?

Didn’t, still have my toon has “mobilia” on TL (wich means “furniture”, and it’s awarded to members that no longer play or are not active).

Are willing to help the guild support? ( Ranks)

Yes, of course, otherwise wouldn’t be looking for a group to play in.

Do you have ventrillo / teamspeak installed?
Have both, but have been having problems with my headset mic because I recently moved from home and haven’t got the time/patience to see what’s up with the bugger.

Do you have a microphone?

See above.

Tell a bit about yourself :
Loyal, friendly, mature and a little bit perfectionist (like to know what I’m doing and understand with what I’m playing – applies to rl too). I do intend to achieve the best I can in the game but I rather stick to a group and struggle to get there than take the easy way to apply to an eventual guild/legion that’s doing better at some time(reason why I’ve spent my wow time on the project that was templarii).

Well, and that sums it up.

André, Bonaduce
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PostSubject: Re: [Cleric] Bonaduce   Thu Oct 15, 2009 5:32 pm

Thanks for your application.

We are currently full on clerics, if a spot would come available we will contact you.

Greets, Mortan.
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Location : Lisboa

PostSubject: Re: [Cleric] Bonaduce   Thu Oct 15, 2009 5:41 pm

Alright, will look forward to it then. afro
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PostSubject: Re: [Cleric] Bonaduce   

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[Cleric] Bonaduce
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